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The Nurtury recognizes that many young children are from single-parent families or families in which both parents work. As a result, many preschool children are cared for outside of the home.  We believe it is important to provide children in full-time care with a warm, home-like setting where each child can discover his or her own unique individuality.

Children learn through play; therefore, we feel that learning should be enjoyable. We believe the most important goals for young children are the development of a healthy self-concept, a creative imagination, and a social awareness. We believe that a preschool should be child-centered, where the teachers are facilitators of learning rather than directors of lessons. It is our feeling that children learn most successfully in an environment where they can look at, touch, poke, and squeeze the real world. It is important to provide various age-appropriate materials and activities that the children can choose from.  While children develop manipulative and language skills they also learn how to integrate into a social group. To help them master these skills, we believe it is necessary to integrate social, emotional, physical, imaginative, and cognitive learning experiences into the everyday routine.

We believe that one of the greatest challenges and responsibilities of educators is to provide young children with an inclusive curriculum and environment. We do this by providing books and materials that support inclusion and by a commitment to a diverse student body and staff. We feel that preschool is a place to embrace diversity and empower children to challenge prejudice and stereotypes.

It is important for children to master basic self-help skills and learn to be self-reliant. Children accomplish this most readily by functioning in a fairly flexible environment, with a few firm, clear limits. While we believe in certain rules for basic physical and emotional safety considerations, children need time and space to test their own impulse control, independence, and problem-solving skills.

At The Nurtury, parents and teachers work together as a team in the successful development of the child. It is our feeling that both parents and teachers must be involved and communicate together to ensure that we are consistent between home and school.  A safe and consistent environment, balanced with both love and limits, is where the child flourishes.